Creative Christmas Costume Ideas

Do not let creating your Christmas costume become as stressful as mall shopping this season. The internet and Christmas shows can offer numerous ideas. With an idea in mind, check around the house for stuff you can use to create your costume. You may not have the funds or time to purchase costumes from the internet, but finding a simple costume idea may be easier than you think.

You can always do simple holiday themes for a costume. Anyone can make themselves into a present by adding strategic holes in a large cardboard box and add some wrapping paper. Of course, everyone loves Santa and Mrs. Clause which are pretty easy and cheap to put together.

For those seeking a more traditional Christmas costume, the manger scene can offer a number of ideas. Guys can become wise men, shepherds or Joseph with some very simple ideas. Ladies can draw inspiration from Mary or the angel. These costumes can be very simple to put together to allow you to celebrate the season.

Some of the children Christmas cartoons can also provide some fun costume ideas. You can become an elf with a hat, a striped red and white shirt, suspenders and green sweat pants. It also doesn't take too much imagination or money to put on some antlers and a red nose to become the most infamous reindeer of them all. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is also a popular source of inspiration for your Christmas costume. Some of the guys will also be more than willing to use Will Ferrell's outfit from the movie Elf.

A Christmas Carol is another Christmas movie that can provide some original costume ideas. You can emulate any of the ghosts that visit Ebenezer with a variety of costumes. Get top hat and a dark suit jacket and add a few accessories such as an oversized tie (use a cheap scarf), a pocket watch and a cane. Then practice your "bah hum bah" to become Scrooge.

A quick search on the internet will also provide some pretty cool ideas. There are numerous examples on how to make you into a Christmas tree with some garland and a few ornaments. Check out the internet for some adult home-made costumes that are actually kid's toys such as a Crayola crayon or an Etch-a-Sketch.

Don't forget to see if you can recycle some of your Halloween costume pieces. You may be able to use some left over black and white face make-up to become Jack or another character from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Getting inspiration for your Christmas costume idea does not have to be stressful. Ideas may come from around the house or from traditional Christmas shows and movies. Once you get your idea, check out the internet to tweak your costume into something you will enjoy creating and wearing to the party.

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